Your management team has added Channels they want you to follow.
Now it's time to add the ones YOU want to follow, giving you access to content to develop other skills! 

How to do this? Easy. 

  1. Use the Elastic Search to find the Channel name (or topic) > scroll down to the "Channels" section in the drop-down results > select the Channel.

2. On the Channel's page, click the Subscribe button to start following the Channel.

You can also subscribe from the Recommended Section on your Learning Space:

Hover over the Channel you want to follow > Click the (+) that appears next to it. This will instantly add it to your list of subscribed Channels.

Watch the video tutorial below:

To delete some of your Channels, click the (x) on the side that will appear when hovering over the selected Channel. 

A third option comes in the form of subscribing via your Profile.

Head to your Profile page:

  1. Click the Channels tab

2. Use the search bar from the drop-down tool, or begin typing your Channel name to search for it. Click on the desired Channel to add it to the box.

To remove/unsubscribe from a Channel via your Profile, click the "x" next to it

On your app

  1. Select the more (...) option to access your settings:

     2. Scroll down from your General tab to find the Channels section. You'll be able to click on the ( - ) icon to remove Channels. 

     3. To add them, just start typing what you are interested in and you'll be able to select the Channel directly. 

    4. Hit Save

From now on, you'll see content from these Channels, dynamically and smartly recommended to you. 

To delete some of your Channels, click the (-) on the side of each Channel. 

Note that you won't be able to delete the Channels that have been assigned to you by your management team. They will be represented with a padlock. 

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