Content from across HowNow originates from a variety of sources and it's separated into internal (your company's knowledge) and external content (from third-party content).

Internal | Company's intelligence

Managers often need to create content specifically targeted to individuals and/or departments of their company. Internal content allows members to be assigned to Courses just for them, and/or content that's been created for their entire department. Whatever the requirement, Managers can have full control over what's shared and tested.

Example: A Learning Pathway

Learning Pathways help tailor the skill development journey that your Users embark on. They give Managers the power to combine a variety of content types, into a dynamic learning experience, keeping Users motivated to upskill themselves. All the while, Users can take control of their growth by recognising that they've progressed through various stages of learning.

External | Third-party content

HowNow scours the Internet to draw the most relevant and compelling content for team members to consume as part of their personal and professional development. Verified blogs, articles, video content and more are selected to provide all team members with industry-ready knowledge.

Example: Online Ted Talk

Encouraging teams to subscribe to Channels, to access external content, keeps them in the know. It's a way for them to expand their knowledge, beyond your organisation's internal content. It's about giving your team members learning options, and a chance to positively challenge what they already know, thanks to reputable outside expert opinions and verified new sources.

A Ted Talk (just one of many forms of external content accessible), can help ignite ideas for your Users to expand upon, which they can bring to internal Live Class sessions, share with Managers to inspire new internal content, and give Users insight into where your industry is heading. Keeping them (and you all) one step ahead of the game!

Remember: Such content will be recommended to Users based on the common search terms they use (when searching on HowNow), and the Skills levels they hold in a subject.

Premium | A cost for the exclusive stuff

Specialists in their field will have their own content that they sell at a premium price. Team members can purchase this material - from videos, podcasts, tests, etc. -  and get started, knowing that the person delivering the content has a reputable background on the subject.

Example: A workshop with a world-renowned life coach.

Users may wish to spend their Learning Budget on premium content they've come across online, as part of their personal or professional development. They can share this information with the Budget Owner for approval.

Enabling your Users to access premium content, is another way to ensure that the knowledge your teams develop, comes from reputable sources, who can give them exclusive insights, and alternative/uncommon ways of approaching challenges.

Users can also achieve online qualifications by requesting access to accredited online courses and career development training programs.

Managers may also wish to transform internal content into premium learning. Learn how to do this in our article: How to add Premium Content.

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