Content from across HowNow originates from a variety of sources and it's separated into internal (your company's knowledge) and external content (from third-party content).

Internal | Company's intelligence

Managers often need to create content specifically targeted to individual and/or departments of their company. Internal content allows members to be assigned to courses just for them, and/or content that's been created for their entire department. Whatever the requirement, managers can have full control over what's shared and tested.

External | Third-party content

HowNow scours the Internet to draw the most relevant and the compelling content for team members to consume as part of their personal and professional development. Verified blogs, articles, video content and more are selected to provide all team members with industry-ready knowledge.


Specialists in their field, will have their own content that they sell at a premium price. Team members can purchase this material - from videos, podcasts, tests, etc. -  and get started, knowing that the person delivering the content has a reputable background on the subject matter.

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