If you'd like to create a new Learning Group and assign Users to it, you can do that as quick as a flash. It's easy to both create a new Group and add a User. You can also add new Users to existing Groups!

Adding Existing Users to a New Group -

From your Dashboard:

1. Select Users > Groups

2. Select the Add Group button

3. Complete the Add Group pop-up fields > select Create Group.

4. You can edit or delete your Groups, by clicking the three dots option on their row.

The above is shown in a video tutorial:

Adding Users to an Existing Group

1. Click into the Group you'd like to add new Users.

2. Click 'Add User' in the right-hand corner.

3. Fill in their details and then click Invite Member.

4. Once you've invited them, they'll receive an email to be added to the Group.

Tip: With Channels you may want to add a series of professional skills or specialities relevant to your team. For example, with the Customer Success team, team members would have access to content from Customer Success, Marketing, Analytics and more.  

It's also useful to add Channels relevant to your team's personal development: Time Management, Creativity or perhaps Well-being.

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