You can add Assessments to your Courses to test your Users' knowledge and creativity. To include either a Multiple Choice Question, Open-Answer, or Multimedia Question, select your desired Course from the Studio, then follow these steps:

   1. Head to the Course Editor step > click the Add Assessment button.

2. Select the Assessment type you'd like to add: 

  • Multiple Choice Questions - a quiz-based format

  • Open-Answer Questions - for extensive responses

  • Multimedia Questions - users can upload multimedia assignments (PDF, Videos, Image, MP4)

3. Click on Settings and complete the fields in the pop-up.

  • Post-Submission Message: message users see after completing the assessment 

  • Enable learners to retake assessment - select this button and set how many times they can retake.

  • Deadline Date - When the assessment must be completed by.

  • Passing Grade Percentage - minimum grade Users need to pass the assessment.

4. Click on Save & Return to Course Editor, to finish.

Watch our video tutorial explaining the above steps:

How to add Instructions to an Assessment

It's easy to add instructions to an Assessment of any type. Learn how with the steps outlined below and then demonstrated in our video tutorial:

  1. At the bottom of the page, select the Assessment type you wish to create.

  2. Enter your instructions into the first Text Box, alongside your question. Use the Text Box settings to change the formatting of your instructional text, making it distinctive from the question.

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