You can start to add multiple choice questions as a means of testing your Users' knowledge. This can be set up in a number of quick steps:

  1. Within the Course Editor (Step Two) select the Add Assessment icon.

2. Select the Add Multiple Choice Question icon.

3. Write your MCQ in the first box provided > enter a series of answers in the remaining boxes.

3a. Select the Correct answer Users must choose.

3b. Add another answer if needed > set a mark for the MCQ.

4. Click Save & Return to Course Editor.

5. You will be presented with a pop-up. Complete the following fields, then click Save & Return to Course Editor, to finish.

  • Post-Submission Message - (Not applicable for MCQs as results are given instantly)

  • Enable learners to retake assessment - Set how often they can retake

  • Deadline Date - When they should complete the Assessment by

  • Passing Grade Percentage - The number (as a %) of correct answers needed to pass.

Watch how to add an MCQ in our video tutorial:

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