In today’s technologically advanced world, it can sometimes feel like we are more connected than ever before. After all, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world in the click of a button.

Here are a few things not to forget about to make sure that you build the online community that your users will love: 

  • Start small but don't open an empty shop

Showcase all the possibilities that HowNow has to offer that would be suitable for your pain points and challenges. Communicate the vision of what your learning platform can now empower you and your teams to accomplish: from on-boarding better and faster to upskilling your existing employees and enabling them with the knowledge they need, when they need it, right where they work. 

  • Switch your company culture towards a learning and sharing culture 

An online community could be quite bare and abandoned place if you do not have a real community behind it. HowNow has been chosen to help you enable your existing communities.
The real challenge is making your new discovery learning space vibrant and strong, making people feel welcome and comfortable to participate frequently, share issues, problems, even failures, provide help and advice to each other, collaborate, innovate. This will have much to do with your company culture and ways of working

  • Use the HowNow community-focused features 
  1. Creating your virtual teams will enable collaborative work amongst your community
  2. Don't forget the face to face interactions as it is priceless and we're not robot just yet! Create events for and with your teams that could be anything from conference, workshop, social gathering (yes, yes, employees do party sometimes!), convention, trade show...
  3. Create webinars or live-classes with your wider teams to share or celebrate achievements or align the vision with the leadership teams. You could even implement a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Meeting Schedule to make easier and regular!
  4. Make sure loop everyone on product updates with quick nugget so that even the 'work-from-home' people who were not in the office, won't miss a bite
  5. Let them ask questions and enable the discussion forum when creating nuggets and courses
  • Keep going !

Continuously working on the motivational drivers of your users is key, and don’t forget to also make it fun! As your teams grow, your existing enthusiastic champ' users will also help you do this faster.

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