Online training is a fantastic way to reach people from far and wide. It allows a great flexibility to share knowledge when convenient and for the employees. Now the question is how to make the content engaging! So here are our 6 tips to creating engaging content: 

1. Vary your content types

So as you might recall those teachers at school that really got you to learn used multiple content in their lessons. Having the ability, to listen, read, watch and interact are great for mixing up the learning styles in your Online Courses, giving something everyone can benefit from. You can be sure to keep people on their toes by varying your content type, as they use different senses to interact with the content. We offer you the ability to have multiple content per lesson so you can be sure to offer : podcast, video,  webinar, text, assessments...
Tip: Millenials favourite ways of learning are through videos and podcasts ;)

2. Encourage Discussion

Discussions are a great way to interact with everyone and for people to start interacting with each other. Having a discussion forum will replicate the real life environment with the ability for people to ask questions, share opinions and experiences.

3. Ask questions (even if rhetorical)

We have realised that the most successful content don't hesitate to ask questions at the very beginning of a course and at strategical point in a course.
Use the assessments functionality to get their thoughts and understanding of the topic.

4. Use high-impact, high-resolution images or icons 

A beautiful image will immediately make your content look striking. Use high-resolution images or icons to illustrate key parts of your course. 

5. Reward your employees

We all like to feel like there is something we are working towards and most of us lilke surprises. We might not be at school anymore but the feeling of having achieved something makes us feel accomplished and also motivates us to continue on our learning journey.
Reward your learners with badges and certificates when they have completed courses. You don’t have to wait the end of your Online Course to reward your learners, you can do this along the way for each unit they complete!


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