Time is precious, let's not waste it!

When you read something interesting that could be useful for your teams, just clip it and convert it into a Nugget. 

  1. On the top-right of your web browser, click on your HowNow Chrome Extension shortcut.

2. Click on the (+) button at the top.

3. Add/Amend the fields presented > click Add Nugget to publish.

Title, Short Description and URL will be automatically completed for you.

  • Channels - Assign your Nugget to the relevant Channels

  • Share With - Ensure your Nugget reaches the right Groups

  • Thumbnail Image - Select from the default images (pulled from the webpage, or upload your own)

4. Select Add Nugget to publish! You and your assigned team(s) will be able to find the Nugget within the Extension search.

See how it's done in our video tutorial below:

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