At HowNow, we call these Channels the big 3- the 3 most powerful Channels which decide the priority of the learning content you're authoring for your teams.

  1. Select the content (Course, Nugget, etc.) from the Studio

  2. In the Channels section, add the relevant tag:

  • @Announcement: Places your course in the Announcements section of the Homepage AND the Announcement sidebar page. Use this for important updates, new initiatives and policy changes.

  • @Must Do: Your content will be flagged as a priority and it'll appear on the Homepage under Must Do AND in the Must Do's under My Library. Use this for compliance and mandatory training.

  • @Top Pick: Your content will appear in the carousel (always a maximum of 5 slides) at the top of the homepage and rotate in chronological order. Use this for key, trending content that doesn't require mandatory completion.

    • Chronological order means the latest card assigned as Top Pick, shown from left to right. Assigning multiple content items at once, will place the newest published-date content item, on the left.

    • Older content, removed and re-added, won't go back to its original slider position.

    • If there are less than 5 content items assigned with "@TopPick", the slider will be filled with random published internal content.

3. Click on Publish

4. Remember to keep your @TopPick, @Announcement, @MustDo tagged Content updated to keep the homepage engaging.

Note ✨: Top Pick content is also included in the Weekly Digest email that everyone receives - so make sure these are updated in line with the above!

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