We love automating the tasks of assigning people to content as they need it - enter the Learning Pathway, where you're able to use smart Custom Rules to join content together to ensure it's easy and simple to make sure the right people have the right content, at the right time!

To begin assigning Users to a Learning Pathway it's a good idea to have a plan for which content someone needs to complete as part of the pathway.

  1. Go to the Assign Learners | Step Three section, when creating your Course.

  2. Click the Share with People or Group box, to start assigning

You can assign Users by

  • Entering their name

  • Entering the name of a Group they are a part of

  • Filtering by Users or Groups with the icons

To create a Learning Pathway, you'll need to add Custom Rules to trigger a User Flow that's automated.

3. In the next piece of content that's part of this Learning Pathway, use a Custom Rule to trigger release to only the Users who have completed this first piece of content.

"Completed Course A Any Time"

This piece of content will only become available to those who've completed the original piece of content - you can link these rules together as much as you'd like to create a fully automated learning journey.

If you need some help constructing your pathway - just let us know!

The below video provides a tutorial on assigning your Users:

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