Adding a Skill to your Profile helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the Skills you hold, and the level you have, will help tailor your learning experience. Here's how:

1. Select your Profile picture, and click My Profile.

2. Select the Skills tab, then click Add Skill, to open the pop.

3. Select your desired Skill from the drop-down list, or choose some recommendations.

4. Set your proficiency level rating for that Skill. The definitions underneath will help you to understand what's required for the given levels: 1 - 5.

5. Select Add Self Assessment.

5. Once your Skill's added, click the 3-dot menu (more options) to:

  • Request Endorsement

  • Update your rating

  • Remove the Skill from your Profile.

Watch our video tutorial to see these steps in action...

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