Review your attendance to see how popular, engaged and valuable your Events or Webinars are to shape your content strategy!

To mark User attendance as 'present', we've outlined the following steps in this tutorial:

  1. Select the Bookings tab on your panel

  2. Click on the name of your event.

3. On the event's attendee page, click on the tick icon to mark a User as 'present'.

For Users of an Event who are originally holding an "Attending" status:

Mark them as present, if the session is currently underway, and they have joined. Their status will update to "Joined".

For Webinars :

this applies if the User has joined the session by alternative means, such as joining the class without clicking the "Join Session" button on HowNow (this is especially related to Zoom and Custom Link options for Webinar).

Once the Event or Webinar has been completed, and you wish to mark a User as 'present', you will see their status update form "Not Joined" to "Joined".

We've put together a handy video guide for you, below:

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