If you're new to HowNow you'll see a bunch of icons, buttons, bells and whistles - get a quick snapshot into what it all does, below!

Search for anything and everything in the search bar. Create content in seconds with a handy shortcut, send a message to your team, check your notifications and manage all of your settings from My Profile.

Homepage Content

Top Picks: Useful content that's trending for you.

Announcements: Important pieces of knowledge shared with you.

Must Do: Mandatory, essential or compliance-related content.

Upcoming Events

See your upcoming Live Classes, Webinars and Events within this section. Click "book" to be taken to the information page, where you can see more information.

Note ✨: If you've integrated with your Google Calendar, you can see your upcoming events here too!

Your sidebar

For You: The HowNow homepage!

My Library: From here you can access your Courses that are In Progress, Must Do content, Shared With Me, History and Bookings.

Announcements: While the Announcements section shows the latest additions, the Announcements page here, shows the full list of content.

Events: You'll be able to see the Live Classes, Webinars and Events you've booked, been assigned to and any upcoming.

Saved: Quickly see recent content you've bookmarked and return to it instantly, to continue learning. Here you'll also find anything you've highlighted and annotated too!

Dashboard: For Admins and Managers only - check out Insights, manage Users, attend to Learning Requests and more. Contributors also have a Dashboard with limited access, to create content, manage Bookings, and Rewards.

Studio: For Contributors, Managers and Admins only - access the Studio to start creating content to share with your teams.

Apps and Channels

Apps: These are the tools you work with to get the job done.

Channels: Topics of information. Follow a Channel by hovering over its name and selecting the (+) icon that will appear next to it.

Recommended: This is based on your interests, skills requirements and what's trending in your groups and sector!

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