When you create content, you want to be able to see it, exactly how your Users will see it. You can achieve this by checking out the content previews.

There are a number of places where you can do this, including the following:


Inside the Studio, click the 3-dot menu, for your desired content > select Preview.

This will take you to a new tab, which will display the content within Preview Mode. This mode will show regardless of what content you're previewing and from where.

Note✨ :No actions/insights will be recorded when interacting with the page, only "Next" and "Previous" lesson navigation options (for Courses) will be actionable.

Note✨: For Nuggets that only contain Link content inside, the preview will show the Nugget as empty. This is the only exception, as external links cannot be previewed.


On the Content page, click the 3-dot menu, for your chosen content > select Preview.

Just like with Studio, this will take you to the Preview Mode, which will display the content as an example, with no actionable options, except the stated.

Elastic Search

When searching for content via the Elastic Search, there are some factors to remember:

  • Users with Author, Collaborator or Verifier Org User Roles will only see the content, they have these content-creation rights for, in preview mode when opening.

  • Admins, not assigned as learners, will also be able to see the content in preview mode.

  • Only Users assigned to the content (as leaners) will be able to access the original published version.


1. Go to the Apps page and click on the name of your chosen HowNow+ content provider.

2. Click on the name of the provider > this opens the provider's sub-page listing the content for importation.

3. Click on the content title, to open a description slide-out > click the Preview button.

This will open the content in a new tab (SCORM file), however no actions/insights will be recorded when interacting with the page.

Note✨: You can preview the content whether imported or not.

There is no preview mode from the Browser Extension, Mobile app, Slack or MS Teams search.

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