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Getting Started on HowNow
Finding your way around the Studio
Finding your way around the Studio

Get to grips with the layout of the HowNow Studio - where all your great learning ideas come to life!

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Content can come in a variety of forms, and it's in the Studio where you'll have the freedom to run wild with creating short, long, easy or difficult learning materials - whatever keeps your Users engaged.

Let's take a look at the various sections of the Studio...

Content Types

You can get started right away, with the default content types, shown towards the top of the Studio...

  • Nugget - for sharing company updates, login details or quick-reads, this content type is for sharing information quickly and making use of a bite-sized learning approach.

  • Course - great for learning pathways, personal development plans and compliance training - here you can provide full-fledged courses to truly challenge your teams. You can also include Assessments!

  • SCORM - whether you upload single SCORM files or multiple, SCORM Courses give your Users a great interactive learning experience, and make learning more versatile, as each provider's work is different. Check out our article on Getting Started With HowNow+.

  • Event - your Users won't ever miss an Event, when they've got the ability to book the various time slots made available to them. You can set it as a conference, trade show, workshop or another Event type!

  • Live Class - make one-to-one sessions count, with the options to use Zoom, GoToWebinar, the HowNow Virtual Classroom, or a Custom option for your classes. You can make group sessions for collaborative learning, also.

  • Webinar - for big-scale presentations or guest speakers, however you want to use this feature, you can engage multiple teams with this content type.

  • Pathway - a fantastic way to keep your teams on the right trajectory to upskilling themselves. Whether on your products/services, or to get that next role, make Pathways that are engaging by including various content types.


Quickly search for those Draft or Unpublished content items that need to be worked on asap, or be permanently deleted, with use of the following filters...

  • Date Range - based on the dates Unpublished content was originally published, and dates Draft content was created.

  • Content Type - all the standard Studio content types.

  • Created By - giving you the option to view either the content only you manage (Only Me), you're collaborating on with other Users (My Collaborations), or both.

  • Language - filtering by the language assigned to the content you're looking for.

  • Channels - filtering by the Channels assigned to the content you're looking for.

  • Status - just want to work on freshly created content? What about only Courses that were just set to "unpublished" two minutes ago? Choose Draft, Scheduled or Unpublished.

  • Source - HowNow or HowNow+ content.

Search, Export and View

In addition to the above, you can also have control over how you view the information within the Studio table...

  • Search - using the name of the content, to surface your Nugget, Live Class, etc.

  • Export - the contents of the Studio table - whichever filters you've set will be exported.

  • Switch between the Card and List views.

Note ✨: Multi-select items in the Studio using the tick-box to bulk add to Channels or Delete content.

See our video tutorial below:

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