We like to think the Studio is easy to use so you should absolutely explore - but for a quick recap, see our guide below.

Once you're in the studio - you'll notice 3 main things.

1. Content Types

Select your content type to start creating and choose from

  • Nugget

  • Course


  • Event

  • Live Class

  • Webinar

  • Channel Editor

  • Skills Editor

2. Filters

Narrow down the created content by

  • Content-Type

  • Content State (published/scheduled/draft)

  • Author (you/everyone/collaborations)

  • Channel

3. Search, Export and View

  • Search the studio for content and authors

  • Export the contents of the studio by selecting the Export icon

  • Switch between Card and List view

Note ✨: Multi-select items in the studio using the tick-box to bulk change Channels, Unpublish, Delete or Verify content

See our quick video tutorial below:

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