Adding GIFs or personalised images to content cards really brings the brand learning experience together (and makes things a bit more fun).

Here's how to do it:

  1. From the Studio

  2. Find the content you'd like to add a GIF/Image Thumbnail to and click the 3 dot menu

  3. Hit the Edit button from the drop-down

4. From within the Content, scroll to the bottom of Course Information - Step 1 and click the Pencil icon next to the Thumbnail:

5. From the pop-up you can select your own image (or a fancy GIF)

6. Alternatively, search a keyword and choose one from the HowNow image gallery.

Note ✨ : We've updated the way we showcase thumbnail images, to bring you a slicker, cleaner and comfortable visual experience:

When it comes to uploading thumbnail images, it's important to make them look sleek and fitting, without compromising any of the great visuals. That's why we've updated content cards to enable images to easily fit - regardless of their dimensions - and maintain their size.

You'll see the edge of a thumbnail appear slightly blurred, horizontally or vertically. This is so that any images with a slightly smaller fit, fill out the entire dimensions of the card. This eliminates unnecessary blank spacing.

You'll notice that by resting your cursor on a card, the description for the content will automatically slide to appear (if it's been included by the content creator that is), and the thumbnail image will zoom out, but maintain its size.

The like button remains in the bottom-left corner of the cards, while the bookmark icon stays in the bottom right.

Have a look at our step-by-step guide here:

Note ✨ : Any GIF in the ratio of 16:9 and includes the subject in the centre, will fit best for the Thumbnail space as you won't be able to crop it

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