Understand the meaning behind the time spent and user activity recorded across the platform, with an explanation for each of the relevant areas, below:

Dashboard > Average Time Spent per User per week

Active Users - This is the number of Users who've activated their accounts by logging into the platform.

Average Time Spent per User per Week - This equals the number of Courses that Users have opened and navigated through. This doesn't include any other type of content such as Nuggets, Events, Live Classes or Webinars, nor 3rd-party external content viewed.

Contributions - The total number of internal content material created by authors (Admins, Managers and Contributors) within your organisation. This includes content created via the HowNow mobile app, Chrome Extension and Slack.

Budget Spent This Month - The total budget spent after all Learning Requests, within the month, have been approved.

Insights > Users > All Recent Activity Filter

Today — this showcases activity within a 24-hour period (starting from 00:00 till 23:59, 1 day).

This Week — this showcases activity between the current Monday to Sunday week you're in.

This Month — this showcases activity by calendar month.

Deactivated — Users whose accounts have been deactivated, so they no longer have access to the platform. Admins will still have access to their historical data. The user space/licence will still be available for Admins to use for new joiners.

Not Logged In — Users who've not logged into your organisation's Learning Space, after receiving an invitation to join.

No Activity — Users who've logged into your organisation's Learning Space, but haven't opened any content yet.

Insights > Users > Last Active and Time Spent

Last Active column — The last time a user logs into the platform (via web app or mobile app) and opens a piece of content (image below).

Time Spent column — The total amount of time that the User has spent learning (only inside Courses/Nuggets/Content), this figure doesn't include any time spent browsing.

Insights > Total Content Viewed, Content Completed & Contributions

Total Content Viewed - The total number of internal or external content viewed by unique users. This includes Nuggets and Courses that have been opened, and visits to the landing pages of Events, Live Classes or Webinars.

Total Content Viewed includes views from the mobile app, HowNow Chrome Extension and Slack.

Content Completed - The total number of Courses in which all lessons and Assessments (if featured) have been completed by the Users. It also includes Nuggets opened and Live Classes/Webinars/Events attended by Users (they'd actually joined the session).

Contributions - The total number of internal content material created by authors (Admins, Managers and Contributors) within your organisation. This also includes via the mobile app, Chrome Extension and Slack.

Insights > Daily Engagement Graph

The Daily Engagement Graph displays the number of users who opened content each day (opened Nuggets and Courses, and visited the landing pages of Events, Live Classes and Webinars).

This only shows unique opens (not when a user opens the same content more than once).

Insights > Engagement by app and Content Types

Engagement by app - This shows the percentage of content opened (or navigated through) by Users, via a specific app. So in this image, 98% of content (internal and external) has been opened via the Web App, while less than 2%, via the HowNow Chrome Extension.

Content Types - See how many content types, you have across your organisation's academy, as a percentage. The above image shows us that 32% of content materials published are Nuggets, while only just over 7% are Webinars.

Insights > Engagement by location map

The Engagement by location map shows the number of unique logins, by location, to the platform, via the web app. This doesn't include mobile or Chrome Extension logins.

Popular Courses - The content types with the most engagement. This means unique opens by a User (their first time entering the content's landing page).

Popular Channels - Provides a list of the Channels that have been used the most as tags for content. The platform looks for all Courses viewed by Users, and then finds the most used Channel tags associated with those Courses.

Popular Skills - Tells you the Skills most frequently being assigned to Users, and ranks them accordingly.

Insights > Content

Completion Rate % - How many (as a percentage) of Users assigned to this content piece, have completed it. For Courses, Users must complete all lessons (and Assessments if included).

For Events/Live Classes and Webinars, Users must have clicked the "Join Session" button.

Average Time Spent % - The average amount of time Users who've engaged with the content, have spent on it (stayed on the Nugget page, or navigated through the Course).

Insights > Content > Click through to Content

Custom Tag - Add a Custom Tag next to a User as a little note. Maybe they haven't completed or started the content because they're on Holiday, Maternity Leave, Having IT problems? This information will also follow through to the Users Insights too!

Use all the above information surrounding the various insights showcasing time and activity, to implement interesting Courses and Learning Pathways for your Users, and keep your content up-to-date and engaging.

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