✅ Create Nuggets of content on the go to make sure information quickly shared in Slack is not lost.

✅ Search and Send existing Nuggets of content through Slack chat.

Send Content

Answer questions in Slack with the relevant Nuggets and Resources from HowNow

Use the /hownow command and searching for a keyword from the title/description of the content and hit Send to share it in the relevant Channel or DM

Create Content

Capture knowledge in conversation by creating a Nugget right from your Slack Channel.

If someone shares something useful in a Channel (like an article or link!) select the 3-dots menu on the message and then Create Nugget

Be notified about Content

Always be in the know with notifications in Slack whenever new knowledge is shared with you - just visit the HowNow App Channel under Apps in your Slack space.

Watch a quick video demo below!

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