To import learner's activity that happens offline or outside your platform, take the steps below:

1. Navigate to your Dashboard and select Insights

2. Select the Offline tab

3. To add one or multiple activities, select the Add Activity or Import buttons:


Complete the following fields from the pop-up:

Title - What title you wish to give the activity.

Provider - From which body did they complete the activity (e.g, company, organisation).

URL - The link to the source of the learner activity

Type - Whether the activity is a qualification, training certificate, etc.

Certification - Confirm whether the activity has certification.

Upload the file from your computer.


You can Bulk Upload Learner Activity to the Offline section, using a CSV file template. This can be downloaded by selecting the Template for Bulk Upload option.

Click Upload File to activate the column mapping options.

Select the columns from the Bulk Upload template, that you want to display once your list of Learner Activities has been uploaded.

Click Upload File to complete the process.

Once your activity has been added, you can add the relevant User with the following steps:

1. Click on the activity's title

2. On the following page, select Add User

3. A pop-up will appear. Complete the following fields:

  • User - Select the relevant User from the drop-down menu

  • Completion Date - When the User completed the activity

  • Certification - Is this included? Confirm with "Yes" or "No"

  • Time Spent Learning - The total learning hours per day, spent on this activity

  • Assessment Score - The score achieved

Note: The Assessment Score Average column shown on the page, represents the average of all the Assessment scores achieved by the Users added under that activity.

  • Upload - Include their certification or relevant document for the activity

4. Select the Add User button to finish the process.


Select Export to download all the information presented on the Offline Insights page. This will be downloaded as a CSV file.

Watch our full-length video tutorial below:

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