To turn content into Premium Content for your Users, follow the easy steps outlined in our tutorial below - this is especially useful if you're inviting external speakers or hosts to an Event or external assessors to Courses.

When creating your Course/Live Class or Webinar, from the Course/Event Information section:

  1. Select your desired currency, by clicking the drop-down menu option in the Cost Per Learner section, then input the cost of the content.

You'll be able to add multiple currencies by selecting the "Add Currency" button. To remove a currency select the ( - ) removal icon next to it.

2. Select Save & Continue to save your changes and continue editing your content.

3. Assigned Users will be able to Request approval, from the content's landing page, to spend their Learning Budget on the cost of the Course/Live Class/Webinar/Event.

Users will be able to click the pricing option to view any of the other currencies included by the author. Users can only request learning in the currencies listed, otherwise they will receive a pop-up notifying them that their Budget(s) doesn't have the relevant currency.

4. You'll receive a notification that a User has requested learning. Open this notification to activate the Request Information pop-up, to approve or reject it.

Alternatively, head to the Tasks page > select the Learning Request and Pending filters.

5. Approve the request by clicking the tick icon.

Note: Users won't be able to request approval for Premium Content, if the currency for their Learning Budget is different to that of the Course.

Take a look at our video tutorial (using a Course example) for a visual walk-through:

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