Of course, we're all aware of using the HowNow Embed tool to add things like Video, Audio and Forms - you can read about how to do that in our Article How to add Embed Code content

Adding in some more creative content is a really good way of maximising your Learners engagement, and encouraging them to interact with the materials!

Add a short game to a long course to break things up, add Polls to take votes or add Graphs & Charts to visualise your data. So here's some great ideas on what you can Embed!

1. Add a Survey or Poll

Using a Survey or Poll creator is a really simple way of getting people's feedback in a concise way. We love using StrawPoll as it's an easy to use website and you can enable security features to make sure nobody's cheating!

All you need to do is create your Survey or Poll, click "Create Poll" and select the Embed Code option in the "Share Poll" section. Copy and paste the code into the Embed Code option in a Nugget or Course and you're done!

Other Survey tools we love (and work nicely with HowNow) include:

2. Collaborate with a Padlet

Padlet is a really nice tool to share ideas, collaborate and spread messages on a specific topic. You could add a Padlet to brainstorm ideas, engage discussion or ask questions before a Live Class/Event!

You'll need to sign up to Padlet, click "Make a Padlet", add in all the customisations you might need, click "Share" and copy the "Embed in your blog or website" option

3. Share Graphs & Charts

If your organisation uses an online graph maker like Plotly, you can easily embed your graph into content using the Embed function to share visual representations of your data!

You'll need to sign up for a Plotly account (which you can do for free, but need to join an enterprise account for Premium features) create your graph manually or Import your data fields. Create and customise your Graph/Chart and select "Share" and "Embed"

4. Add a Game!

Ok, this isn't technically related to adding 'learning' content - but using 'Brain Breaks' to take moments away from strictly focusing on content allows us to stimulate bloodflow, get the oxygen going and improve retention.

You can easily add a short Brain Break game from embed.com in the middle of a course to keep people engaged and entertained - to allow them a little break from learning (My personal favourite is the Typing Game, but there's loads of options!)

These are just our top 4 ideas for things to Embed into your HowNow platform - but there's no limit to what you can do!

If you need some extra help with Embedding, don't be afraid of getting in touch with us!

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