The HowNow Custom Rules are a really effective and simple tool to use to make sure that you're assigning content to the correct people.

This prevents you from having to create too many Channels or Learning Groups to assign your content to the right people! Don't get stuck using the "Group is" or "Learner is" rule all the time! 🙌

Before we get into the real power of the Custom Rules - read through our article How to use each of the Custom Rules

Assign content to New Starters - even if there isn't a New Starter Group!

Instead of creating a New Starter Learning Group - consider using the "Joined" rule or the "Completed" rule. Have a look at the video guide to show you 3 handy ways to consider improving your New Starter training!

Assign content to people with certain Skills!

Did you know that you can assign content to people with specific Skills? Want to help someone Upskill? Share Knowledge with a Subject Matter Expert? Easy!

Just use the "Achieved" rule to assign content to people with specific Skills.

Assign content to those who enroll onto similar content!

We know that HowNow is great for finding content that your Learners might like 😉 But did you know you can assign content to Learners who have signed up for similar courses? You can do this by using the "Enrolled" rule!

Assign content to those who are higher (or not-so-high) achievers!

You can help develop your learners who are prime for development! Or you can further upskill learners who are already top performers - this is a great way of automating your development pathways and offering up methods of continuous learning. You can do this using the "Achieved" rule!

Assign content to Managers who have been with the organisation a while and who need a refresher!

You can always share updated ways of working, workflow information, and new tools with existing and established Learners by using Custom Rules too.

In this example, we'll use the "Joined" rule to assign new best practices to our Project Managers who need a refresher after their first year in the business.

Use AND/OR connectors to select a specific pool of Learners

You can use the AND/OR connectors to use multiple Custom Rules together. This is an amazing way of finding Users who may not be within certain Learning Groups (but have valuable Skills) or adding Users who are members of multiple Learning Groups!

Remember - when using the "AND" connector, you're narrowing down your group even more, and by using the "OR" connector, you're widening it!

These are just some of the ways you can use Custom Rules to your advantage - and they're really not scary or intimidating as long as you know how to use them! (That's why we show you a handy preview of who you're targeting as you build your Rules!)

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