If you're planning on editing some existing content, you'll now be able to choose whether you'd like to send out a new batch of Notifications to alert your Assigned Learners.

This way you can make changes to a Course and share that it's been updated, or save the changes to a published course without notifying your Users - here's how to do it:

  1. Select the piece of Published content you'd like to edit from your Studio

  2. Edit your content by making changes on any of the steps within its editor (Content, Date and Time, Assigned Learners etc.)

3. On the Release & Deadline step (Settings for Nuggets), click Save & Publish. A pop-up will open asking if you'd like to send email notifications to any of the pre-existing learners (or no notifications at all!)

4. Select your option and click Publish - and you're done! Your selected User pool will receive their email and web app notifications (or not!)

With this feature, remember the following:

  • Any newly assigned learners, will still receive an email notification that they have been assigned to the content.

  • If you make any changes in a step and click Save & Continue, although the changes will be saved, you must click Save & Publish to open the pop-up to update existing users, if you choose.

  • If you don't make changes to your content, the pop-up will still appear, as standard. Simply select "No" to not send out any notifications.

  • If your content is assigned to the Everyone group and is not assigned with @Must Do, @Announcement, or @TopPick, your Users won't be sent an email notification by default.

Watch our video tutorial below

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