Make your content engaging, beyond just words, by including your own images with our quick and intuitive image content uploader.

Whether it's an infographic, your organisation's branded photos, or content from around the web, use the following steps to share your images:

  1. In the Lesson Editor of a Course or the Nugget Editor, select the Image icon

  2. Click the uploader button next to the Source field > Upload your image

3. In the General tab provide an Image Description (this is an 'alt text' description - not a caption - and is optional):

4. Alternatively, select the Upload tab, to upload your image directly from your computer folder, or drag-n-drop it.

5. Click Save to upload it to the editor.

6. Hover over the Image and select the Dustbin icon to delete the Image, and its editor, completely.

Alternatively, click the image (to give it a slight filter) > Select the Picture icon in the toolbar > Edit your image specs.

7. Once you're happy with your image, click Save & Continue (in a Course) or Publish (in a Nugget) to update your content.

Have a look at our video tutorial below:

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