There are 4 available Access Levels on your HowNow instance, and they can sometimes be quite confusing if you're not 100% sure on what each can do.

We've put together a useful visual guide for understanding your Access Levels on both a Global and Learning Group level. As a rule - your Learning Group Access Level can't go higher than your Global Access Level. But you can have it set lower!

See our handy table below that should give you a guide into what each Access Level can do on the platform!






View Content

Create / Share Content

Edit Profile

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to channels

Add/Rate Skills

Connect/Disconnect Apps within "My Profile"

Submit Learning request

Send Messages

View Studio

Create/Edit Channels

Mark Assessments

View Dashboard

Share content with "Everyone"

Create/Edit Groups

Manage Groups

Manage Bookings

View Assessments

(for Managed Groups)

View Insights

(for Managed Groups)

View Tasks

Create/Manage Budgets

Approve/Reject Learning Requests

(for Managed Budgets)

Endorse Skills

Manage (Add/Deactivate/Delete) Users

Manage Apps and External Content for the Learning Platform

Access Learning Platform Settings

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