Content from across HowNow originates from a variety of sources, but how does it get recommended to Users to create personalised learning? Well, let's break it down into four layers:

What happens before the User joins:

Before a User joins an organisation they will get assigned to learning Groups, content and Channels. They will also get assigned to a certain User Roles.

When the User joins for the first time:

Once the new starter joins for the first time, the User will be added to these pre-assigned Groups, content and Channels.

During their initial profile setup, the User will be asked which skills they would like to develop and they will be given a selection of recommended skills based on their job role. To get these recommendations, we capture and analyse more than 500,000 live job roles to understand the traits and in-demand talents related to the positions.

The User will also be asked to rate their skill proficiency, and based on their skills and ratings they will be recommended relevant content. As the User updates their existing skill proficiencies and adds new skills, so too will their recommended content be updated to reflect these changes.

How User engagement affects recommendations and how you can improve your recommendations?

Initially, a Users Job Role and assigned Channels will affect their 'For You' section on the homepage and direct content recommendations.

The more the User engages with the Platform, the more HowNow can understand and predict their learning behaviour and recommend relevant content and Channels. This is known as the self-directed approach. This includes bookmarking, highlighting, liking, reading, and completing content.

In the 'For You' section, there is a 'From your Team' area. This prioritises content in your learning Groups and from your teams, and is also based on skills you have assigned yourself and Channels you have subscribed to.

Lastly, using the HowNow and Google Searchbars overtime influences your recommended content, assuming you have the relevant access enabled on your HowNow Browser Extension.

If you would like to restrict HowNow's access to your Google searches you can explore the settings of the HowNow Browser Extension - more information can be found here.

How Admins and Managers can add to personalised learning:

When creating content, authors can assign it to specific Channels. This way anyone who has subscribed to the Channel will see it.

Authors can also add skills to content and use the Custom Rules to assign their content to Users with a specific skill proficiency level. This way Users with that level of proficiency will get recommendations for this content.

We hope you've enjoyed this overview of how HowNow intelligently recommends relevant content to your Users to create personalised learning. If you have any further questions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch! We live in the little green bot in the bottom right corner of your screen 😄

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