There are two ways in which you can Export Content Insights and the data for the Users associated with them.

On the Content Insights page:

  1. Click the Export button and select from the two options:

  • Content Insights - to only Export the overview of your content insights (from this current page)

  • Content Insights with Learner Insights - to Export both the overview of your Content Insights and the User Insights associated with each piece of content. These are the same User Insights found when you click on the content name.

2. You'll receive a pop-up confirming that your Export is being generated and once ready, sent to your email inbox.

3. Open the email once received, and download the CSV file attached.

4. Open your computer folder, to view the Insights. The folder will show:

  • Overall Insights CSV - This shows the general data for your selected content.

  • Learner Insights folder - This contains your CSV, showing the user-specific insights for your chosen content.

5. Open your file to see the data as a CSV sheet.

Watch our quick explanation video below:

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