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Upload your images to make more dynamic content - edit them too!

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When creating a Nugget or Course, select the Image icon to upload an image.

  • General - Where you can adjust the width and height of your image, enter the image Source (URL), and an Alt description (for accessibility purposes).

  • Upload - Where you can drag-n-drop or upload your image.


1. Once you've uploaded your image, click directly on it, to highlight it blue. This means the image has been selected, and is ready to be manipulated.

2. You'll see a new image editing toolbar, positioned towards the bottom. These are your image editing options. Which include:

  • Rotate counter-clockwise / Rotate clockwise

  • Flip vertically / Flip horizontally

  • Edit image / Image options

3. Selecting Edit image will open its own pop-up, giving you the following editing options:

  • A - Crop

  • B - Resize

  • C - Orientation

  • D - Brightness

  • E - Sharpen (click the diamond icon once, to sharpen the resolution of your image)

  • F - Contrast

  • G - Colour levels (these include three options of Red, Green and Blue)

  • H - Gamma

  • I - Invert

4. Click Apply to set the changes to your image. You can undo and redo, by selecting the arrows provided, and also zoom in and out, by selecting the magnifying icons.

5. Click Save to finalise all of your changes, and ahead back to the same editing page, for your Nugget or Lesson.

Check out our video guide below

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