There are 4 Access Levels on the platform.

Regardless of your Access Level, you can learn from anything that's been made available to you, subscribe to Channels and manage your Profile!

Each Access Level has additional responsibilities too. These are:

  • Admin: Admins can see and do everything - create content, enable/disable Apps, see Insights for everybody in the entire company and much more.

  • Manager: Managers can create content to share with their selected Learning Groups and see Insights for the Learning Groups they're a Manager in.

  • Contributor: Contributors can only create content to share with the Learning Groups they're a Contributor in.

  • Read-Only: Can only view content.

For a comprehensive view of everything each Access Level can do, take a look at our table below.






View Content

Create / Share Content

Edit Profile

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to channels

Add/Rate Skills

Connect/Disconnect Apps within "My Profile"

Submit Learning request

Send Messages

View Studio

Create/Edit Channels

Mark Assessments

View Dashboard

Share content with "Everyone"

Create/Edit Groups

Manage Groups

Manage Bookings

View Assessments

(for Managed Groups)

View Insights

(for Managed Groups)

View Tasks

Create/Manage Budgets

Approve/Reject Learning Requests

(for Managed Budgets)

Endorse Skills

Manage (Add/Deactivate/Delete) Users

Manage Apps and External Content for the Learning Platform

Access Learning Platform Settings

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