Integrating with Zapier

Automate more of your workflow by using our native Zapier integration. Admins can set this up to create Zaps in seconds.

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If you're an Admin on your organisation's learning space, you'll be able to connect HowNow with your organisation's Zapier account, to create Zaps in no time.

Here's how to set it up to your Zapier account and get automating

  1. Go to your Profile > select the Integrations tab > scroll down to select Connect for Zapier.

3. You'll be taken to the page on Zapier, to accept the invite and start building your zap.

4. On the Zapier homepage, select Create Zap.

You will be presented with two standard options: Triggers and Actions - both make up the entire zap. The Trigger option will appear first, for you.


5. Search for the HowNow app in the search bar of the Trigger section > Select the HowNow (1.0.0) option.

This will take you to the Choose app & event step, from where you can continue to complete the remaining steps.


6. Once you've completed the requirements for the Triggers, you'll need to set up the Actions for your Zap.

This will allow you to choose what happens, once the trigger has been activated (based on the rules you've put in place).

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