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Learning Collaboratively with HowNow
Learning Collaboratively with HowNow

Get your heads together to learn and share your knowledge with others. Bridge the knowledge gap by bringing in the relevant stakeholders.

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Whether it's been individuals, teams or departments. HowNow has you covered when it comes to collaborating to upskill yourselves or others.

Collaborate on Content

Whatever piece of content you're creating with HowNow - add as many Collaborators to your content as you'd like. These people will then share equal responsibility as the original author. This enables you to create consistent, creative and on-brand learning content.

You'll also be able to facilitate a strong learning culture internally - boosting morale and identifying SMEs in your organisation for even stronger inter-function teamwork.

Top Tip ✨: Lots of collaborators? Leapfrog the Verifiers too - ensuring that a different team member reviews the content to ensure it's up-to-date and refined even more over time.

Find out about how to add a Collaborator here.

Cohort Based Learning

Prefer to do your learning in batches? Great idea. With HowNow's Live Classes, Webinars and Events you can encourage your people to participate in a collaborative cohort-based learning approach.

Invite a small group of learners to a kick-off session or each pathway to create a community around their learning - fostering stronger professional relationships and a keener learning culture.

Find out about how to create Live Classes, Events and Webinars here.

Highlight and Annotate

At HowNow, we're proud of this small but mighty feature - we've not yet found something similar out there and we love it!

Everybody has the power to Highlight and Annotate any written content on the platform - allowing them to compound what someone else has shared, with their own learning and practical applications. Collaboration even without face-time means you're able to build on top of existing knowledge!

Find out more about how this works here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow for collaborative learning? drop us a message in the support chat.

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