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Reporting on Compliance with HowNow+
Reporting on Compliance with HowNow+

Compliance training no doubt is a must for your organisation. Use HowNow+ to seamlessly report on your User's compliance progress.

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HowNow+ provides you with an array of learning content for your Users, and this includes the all-important, compliance training material.

To set up your HowNow+ compliance content, and start reporting...

1. Go to the Apps page and select the Compliance category.

This category provides all the HowNow+ providers that specialise in compliance training courses. Select Configure to head to your chosen provider's content listing page.

2. On the content listing page, search for your desired compliance topic - in this example, GDPR - and select the checkbox in the Name column.

Select the Import icon that appears automatically.

3. Once imported, the content will appear in your Studio, where you will start editing the content.

In Step One of the content's editor, assign the content with @Must Do. This will ensure that the content will appear within Users' Must Do section, and be presented within the Must Do column, when viewing insights.

4. Once your content has been published, and started by Users, you can begin reporting, via the Content page.

Visit the Content page, open the filter option and select Source > HowNow+.

This will display all of your HowNow+ content within the data table. This option is great if you have only imported compliance content, otherwise you can search for your specific Courses, individually.

The most important data on this page will be:

  • Completion Rate - this will tell you how many of the assigned Users, have finished the content, thus are upskilled in compliance. If this percentage is low, you can:

    • Send comms to your Users, encouraging/reminding them to complete their training.

    • Message your Users, individually or collectively, to find out if they're struggling with the content.

  • Average Time Spent - this will tell you how long, on average, Users are taking to complete the content.

    • You may decide that if the time is too long, the content may be too challenging, and you could import a different HowNow+ compliance piece, from the same (or another) provider.

You can Export the table's data, for your external reporting needs.

Clicking on the content name will take you to the Content sub-page.

Here, you could review the following:

  • Progress - this will enable you to see how far along the compliance learning journey, your Users are. If they've been In Progress for some time, you may wish to support them with completing the content.

    • Clicking the "View Details" option will open the slide out, to show Progress in more detail. You can see User's Past Records if you give the content an Expiry Date.

  • Assessment Result - this will again show how well your Users are doing with their compliance knowledge growth. High Assessment scores, can help you identify those Users who can become learning ambassadors for topics like GDPR, Data Protection, etc.

  • Time Spent - this gives you an idea of how difficult the HowNow+ compliance content may be, or how engaging your clients find it. Shorter time spent learning, paired with high scores on the assessment, can signify the content is working well for Users.

    Note: For SCORM Courses, the time spent learning is locked-in, once the User has completed the Course for the first time. This means no matter whether the User is deactivated-reactivated, or the SCORM Course editor's Completion Tracking is set to When one lesson is complete, the User will always remain with the same amount of Time Spent.

You can also Export this table's data, for your external reporting needs.

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