Learning can happen at any time, from anywhere, meaning that you can log into your learning space from multiple devices and locations. Whether it be your Chromebook, MacBook or mobile phone, whenever you log in, you create a session from an IP address (the unique number that represent your device over the internet).

To review your sessions and log out of those that you no longer need, you can do the following:

Go to your Profile page > select the Settings tab > scroll down to Your logged-in sessions

Your logged-in sessions will appear in sections (Desktop or Mobile app), showing the number of sessions you have for each, with the following information for review:

  • Name of the operating system (Chrome, Windows, etc)

  • IP Address and its country of origin

  • Indication of which session you are currently active in (green dot)

  • Last active date and time (in UTC)

  • Option to Logout of any inactive sessions

You can log out of the inactive sessions, by selecting the Logout button.

Note✨: A session includes standard username/password login and SSO login.

Clicking the Refresh button will show you the latest sessions you have remaining.

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