✅ Surface relevant content with every Google search, as we show you related resources you've created and curated in our platform.

✅ More control over the quality and consistency of information you find.

✅ Create Nuggets, submit learning requests and search the platform, all on the go.

✅ Listen to podcasts through the Browser Extension as you tick off other tasks.

Your organisation may have already installed the awesome Browser Extension for you - if not, go for it!

  1. Select My Profile on your Learning Space

  2. Select Integrations, and select Install on the HowNow Browser Extension

3. Click on the HowNow Browser Extension and sign in by using your login details and allowing HowNow to get up and running!

Watch the video tutorial below:

How does it work?

Contextual Suggestions

  • The HowNow Browser Extension surfaces relevant learning resources based on your context i.e. the web app or page you are on. 

  • The Browser Extension does not parse any of the content on the page. 

Web Clipper 

  • You can share any web page with your team at the click of a button. 

  • Tag the content with relevant channels to organise it. 

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