How to Bulk Upload Users
Add multiple Users at once using the Bulk Upload feature
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To add numerous Users - at one time - to your learning space, you can follow our step-by-step guide on using the Bulk Upload template, to do this.

  1. Go to your Dashboard and select the Users tab.

  2. Click on Add User.

  3. Select the Bulk Upload tab in the pop-up, and download the CSV template.

4. Complete the columns within your template and download as a CSV (in Excel or Google Sheets).

5. Upload the CSV by drag-and-drop, or click to browse. Your team members will now be added as Users to your organisation's learning space.

Note ✨: It's important to remember the following points...

  • Whatever User Role you add will also be applied to any Learning Groups you've added that person to. For example a user added as a Manager will also be added as a manager to any learning groups you add them to using the bulk upload file.

  • On the Users page, the Joined Date column will show the date for either of the following cases:

    • Manually added Users - When Users first logged in, and not the date from which they were invited to your learning space.

    • Bulk Upload - The date you add when filling out the "Joined Date" column, in the Bulk Upload template download (CSV file).

Watch our following tutorial on how to add Users:

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