The Text Editor has an array of features. See each of their functionalities below, followed by a video tutorial demonstrating how to use each feature.

Header 1 and Header 2 - You can make normal text into Header text, with two different sizes.

Paragraph - Use this icon to place a line of text on to a new paragraph.

Bold / Underline / Italic - Great for categorising text or bring attention to important points raised.

Highlighter / Text Colour - Highlight your text or use the Text Colour ("A" icon) option to make it stand out.

Align Text - Position text in any direction, align left, centre, right or justify it.

Bulleted / Ordinal Lists - Create lists to present instructions or steps.

Indent text Left or Right - Similar to the Paragraph option, but as an indent on the same line.

Clear Formatting - Remove any special formatting that text copied from elsewhere, may already have (italics, specific font style, etc.). Clearing formatting allows you to present the text how you want.

Table - Add a table by choosing how many rows and columns you want to have.

Insert/edit Link - Choose text to hyperlink, meaning, Users can click that text to be taken to the desired webpage.

Insert Image - You can add an image from your computer.

Embed Code - Take embed code from elsewhere on the web, to share that content within your Lesson or Nugget.

Our tutorial video touches on the Text Editor:

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