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How to add and manage Discussions
How to add and manage Discussions

Ask questions, answer queries and stay engaged with the content to learn together

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Commenting and engaging discussion on content is a great way to keep people engaged and talking about the material and courses (and a great way to make sure it's retained!)

Authors can add Discussions to Nuggets and Courses, and manage the Discussions section, once the content is published.

Adding Discussions

As an Author, you can enable Discussions for:

  • Nuggets - by opening the Settings, and selecting the option: Yes, I would like to add Discussions to my Nugget.

  • Courses - by switching on the option: Do you want to enable discussions? In Step Four of the editor.

Commenting in the Discussions section

Note✨: You'll only be able to comment and discuss content that the Author has enabled Discussions on!

To get started on commenting:

  1. For Nuggets, click the speech bubble icon to open the Discussions section. For a Course Lesson, click the Show Discussions button.

2. The Discussions slide-out will open and you can type your comment. Type @ to tag a fellow team member.

Note: Only team members assigned to the content will be able to view your comment.

3. You can add attachments and files if needed too!

4. Click the submit 'triangle' icon.

5. You can Like or reply to comments, and delete your own comment.

Note✨: We will be making improvements to enable Authors to delete comments.

Watch the above steps in our video tutorial, below.

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