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How to manage HowNow Apps and Content streams
How to manage HowNow Apps and Content streams
Toggle your preferred Apps for your people to connect their tools and set up their experience on HowNow.
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In this section, there are 2 main things you'll be looking at to ensure your Users are ready to go!

  1. Enabling Content Streams (these don't require User action) that your people can learn from. These streams are a mix of expert publications, articles, blogs, video channels, newsletters, and podcasts.

  2. Enabling native apps that your people can connect to (such as Google Drive, Sharepoint, Confluence and Google Calendar!)

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Visit your Dashboard

  2. Select the Apps tab from the sidebar

4. The Apps page will open. Select your App category from the side menu.

5. Toggle Apps for the whole category with the slider,

6. Toggle specific Apps using the sliders next to the content source.

Note ✨ : For any enabled apps, your end Users will need to authenticate from their profile to ensure they have access to the correct content.

For content streams, these will be suggested to Users who they're relevant for!

Watch our video tutorial below...

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