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Using HowNow for Compliance
Using HowNow for Compliance

Enjoy a handy article that explains all about how to take advantage of all the awesome features HowNow has for Compliance purposes.

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We know that every organisation tackles their compliance responsibilities differently - and it's essential that you're able to use an LXP like HowNow to achieve those.

Content Creation πŸ“š

Add a @Must Do

If your course is mandatory or compliance-related, add the @Must Do Channel. Once your content is published, it'll appear on the homepage AND under Must Do in My Library for your assigned learners.

This way, you can prioritise the important content for your people.

Find out more about our power Channels here.

Create a Knowledge Check

If you're creating your own internal content, or want to follow up on a SCORM or 3rd party provider course, add an Assessment to test your learners' knowledge. You can also use this for policy affirmations too to confirm a learner has read and understood it.

Find out more about creating Assessments here.

Add a Deadline

Giving your Course a deadline will send automatic reminders to your assigned learners when their deadline is approaching. It'll also display the deadline on the content card wherever it's displayed.

Find out more about Deadlines here and how to use the Renewal Cycle here.

Assigning Content πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

Automate and Target with Custom Rules

Do you have specific department-only compliance reporting to complete? Target only specific Learning Groups using our Custom Rules to create unique learning pathways for your people - focused only on compliance!

Find out more about using our Custom Rules here.

Top Tip ✨ : Compile all of these @Must Do Courses into a Playlist to create a visual curriculum for your people. Use a Custom Rule based on completion for each Course, they'll be able to see what's on their learning journey, but not able to access it until the previous course is completed.

Reporting πŸ“ˆ

Choose only what's important

Visit the Content page and filter by @Must Do from the Channel filter. Select specific filters such as Date Ranges, Authors, Completion Rates or Content Types to slice and dice the data.

Use our Column pins to save your preferences for later. Customise your reports by hitting export: anything visible from this page will be matched on your export too.

Find out more about our Columns and Filters here.

Report on Content and People

Made your changes to the filters and columns? Hit Export.

Select between an overview as Content Insights, or get all user completion information by exporting Content Insights with Learner Insights.

Feeling extra-techy? You can also import this data into a BI Dashboard to visualise the performance of your Compliance content.

Find out more about our Content page here.

Want to ask us a few questions about using HowNow for compliance? drop us a message in the support chat.

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