HowNow is great because you can personalise the platform to really make it suit your business - if you're creating assets for the platform it's handy to know which sizes you need!

Learning Space Settings

1. Visit your Dashboard and select the Settings page

2. Hover over the 'i' icon and you'll see the relevant measurements displayed. Easy!

Header Images

Note ✨: Learning Space Header Image, Lesson Header Image, Course Header Image should be set to 1440x600px

Want to create the most beautiful Course header?

  • Keep a gap of 150px from the top and bottom

  • Maintain a canvas size of 1440x600

  • Keep readable content in the centre


Card Thumbnail images: 640x340px (maintaining an aspect ratio of 16:9)

Other dimensions

Logo: 300x300px (minimum)

Badges: 100x100px

Note: Uploaded images are automatically resized according to your screen size or resolution. For this reason, we don't recommend including text on your header, or thumbnail images as these could be cropped or overlaid with content titles!

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