Changing a Header or Thumbnail on any piece of content is quick and easy.

Changing a Header

1. Inside any piece of content, click the Edit header button.

2.In the popup, Drag and drop a file here or choose from our Image Library.

3. If you've uploaded an image, Crop the image and click Save

4. If you would like to Remove or Update your current header - you can do this with the Edit header button also.

Note ✨: Want to create the most beautiful Course header?

  • Keep a gap of 150px from the top and bottom

  • Maintain a canvas size of 1440x600

  • Keep readable content in the centre (like the screenshot below!)

Changing a Thumbnail

  • Inside a Course, Event, Live Class/Webinar - on Step One - Course Information page, select the pencil icon on the content card.

  • Inside a Nugget - In the Nugget Settings, select the pencil icon on the settings popup.

Learn how to do both in a video guide here

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