The following applies for each content type:

Video: The maximum size is 7GB. We recommend splitting very heavy files in 2 GB chunks, so you'll have a better upload experience.

Files (PDF, PPT): The maximum size limit for these documents is 200MB.

Note ✨ : Any file size above 10MB, the document will not display as a live preview and will be added as downloadable content only.

Profile Pictures: The maximum size limit for a Profile Picture is 15MB.

Images in Multimedia Assessments: Authors can upload a maximum image size of 12MB, while Users can answer the multimedia assessment, using an upload image at a maximum of 25MB.

Note ✨: When answering a multimedia assessment, Users can upload their answer/task in any of the available content types, at a maximum of 25MB.

For a detailed breakdown of all supported file types on the site please have a read of File formats supported on HowNow.

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