It's easy-peasy to see your Insights and get an overview of the general performance of your learners 😉

1. On your Learning Space, select your Dashboard.

2. On your Dashboard, select Content or Insights and you'll see all the juicy details.

Read below for a full overview of what you can see:

3. Daily Engagement: The number of users who opened content each day and only shows unique views (not when a user opens the same content more than once).

4. Most Liked Content: The content with the most likes.

5. Popular Content: The content with the most views.

6. Engagement by app: The most popular way to view content on your learning platform.

7. Content Types: The most popular content types available on your learning platform.

8. Engagement by Location: The number of unique logins, by location, to the platform, via the web app. This doesn't include mobile or Chrome Extension logins.

9. Content accuracy: The percentage of content currently verified or awaiting verification.

10. Top Learners: The most active learners per quantity of content they've viewed in the time period.

11. Top Contributors: The most active contributors per quantity of content they've created in the time period.

12. Popular Channels: Channels that have been used the most as topics for content. The platform looks for all Courses viewed by Users, and then finds the most used Channel tags associated with those Courses.

13. Most Searched: Most searched key terms on the web app, mobile app or Browser Extension (if this option is enabled)

14. Popular Skills: The Skills most frequently assigned to Users by popularity.

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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