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How to view your Insights
How to view your Insights

Get a snapshot of how your people are learning and what their progress is, using our built-in analytics.

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It's easy to see your Insights and get an overview of the general performance of your Users 😉.

First, head to Insights on your the Dashboard panel.

From here, you'll be presented with the following elements...

Daily Engagement Graph: Displays the number of Users who opened content each day; only showing unique views (not when a User opens the same content more than once). Hover over the bar, to see the number.

Most Liked Content: Content with the most collective likes, from Users (great for knowing what's of interest to learners, and which formats work best for engagement).

Popular Content: Content with the most views - this could be compliance content, content of high interest, or perhaps content that shows where knowledge gaps are.

Clicking on an entry will take you to the content's sub-page.

Engagement by app: The most popular way Users view learning content on your organisation's work space, via application type.

  • The below donut chart shows the percentage of content opened (or navigated through) by Users, via a specific app. So in this image, 98.7% of content (internal and external) has been opened via the Web App, while less than 1% via the Mobile app, and HowNow Browser Extension.

Content Types: The most popular content types available on your learning platform.

  • The below donut chart shows that 35.6% of content materials published are Nuggets, while just under 4% are Webinars.

Hover over the segments to see the values.

Engagement by Location: The number of unique logins, by location, to the platform, via the web app. This doesn't include mobile or Chrome Extension logins.

Content accuracy: The percentage of content across your organisation, currently verified or awaiting verification.

Top Learners: The top 10 Users who have opened the highest number of content items, since joining the learning space.

Top Contributors: The top 10 contributors (includes Users of any content-creation role: Admin, manager or Contributor) of content, across your organisation.

Clicking on an entry will take you to the User's sub-page.

Popular Channels: Channels that have been used the most as topics for content. The platform looks for all internal content viewed by Users, and then finds the most used Channel tags associated with those content items.

Most Searched: Most searched key words on the web app, mobile app or Browser Extension (if this option is enabled). The ranking for key words is based on:

  • Special characters first > then Numbers > then Words

  • When the top most searched terms (most likely to be words) all have the same count-value, they'll be shown alphabetically. For example:

    • 1. Design (10 counts)

    • 2. Finance (10 counts)

    • 3. Marketing (10 counts)

    • 4. UX (4 counts)

    • 5. Comms (2 counts)

    The same rule applies for lower searched terms, so if "Comms" has a total count of 4 searches, it will appear like this:

    • 1. Design (10 counts)

    • 2. Finance (10 counts)

    • 3. Marketing (10 counts)

    • 4. Comms (4 counts)

    • 5. UX (4 counts)

Popular Skills: The Skills most frequently assigned to Users.

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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