Add to your learning experience by requesting a Bursary from your Learning Budget to cover a collection of expenses such as textbook costs, accommodation costs, travel costs, and any other additional costs related to your personal and professional development! You can do this through the HowNow Browser Extension or through your Profile.

From the HowNow Browser Extension

  1. Find a resource you wish to spend your Learning Budget on.

  2. Open the HowNow Browser Extension

  3. Click on the Request Learning icon.

  4. The Extension will fill in all the information, but you can change this if required.

5. Select Submit Request. This will notify the budget owner, who will approve or reject your request.

From your Profile

  1. Firstly click on your Profile picture.

  2. Select Request Learning.

3. On the Learning Request pop-up select Bursary from the Learning Type drop-down.

4. Fill in all the relevant information and supporting documentation.

  • Qualification Name - the name/title of the learning you are about to request.

  • Source URL - the URL to the resource (for the Budget Owner to review).

  • Learning Provider - who is providing this learning experience? This is usually a professional training body, high education institute, or online provider.

  • Start Date - when the Bursary starts.

  • End Date - when the Bursary is due to end.

You will receive a notification once your end date reaches, and you will need to confirm it as "complete".

  • Select Budget - you may be allocated more than one budget if you are in multiple Groups, so choose from which you'd like to spend.

  • Send to - choose which Budget Owner you want to send your request to.

  • Fill in any relevant cost fields, and leave blank any fields that do not require a cost (unless marked with a compulsory red asterisk).

  • Invoice document - this is evidence of any payment that has already been made upfront, for the training.

  • Confirmation of Registration - evidence of your registration to the training course, academy, workshop, event, etc.

  • Additional Notes - why would you like to purchase this particular resource? To improve communication skills? Become a better leader?

  • Then you can click Send Request.

Once your request has been sent, this will either be Approved or Rejected by the Budget Owner of whichever budget you've chosen to allocate this Bursary towards.

Once you're Bursary has been approved and your end date has arrived, you'll need to go to your Profile to complete your Bursary:

5. Select your My Profile, and go to the Budget & Requests section

6. Click the three-dot menu and select "Mark as complete"

Your Bursary will now be recorded as complete, visible to you in your Profile, and to the Budget Owner on their Transactions page.

Screenshots needed!

Take a look at our video tutorial below:

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