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How to use your Budget page
How to use your Budget page

Keep track of all your Budget requests and transactions, and see how much of your Budgets are remaining

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Go to Dashboard > Budgets. At the top of the page, there are four tiles representing:

% Remaining Balance

The percentage of the remaining Budget balance.


The number of different currencies on your Learning Space.


The total number of Budgets on your Learning Space.

Budget Owners

The number of Budget Owners on your Learning Space.

If you want to add a new Budget, check out our helpful article here!

Note : To enhance loading times across your organisation's learning space - giving you a greater user experience - we have removed the sorting option on a select few columns.

Managing Budgets

There are a variety of changes that Budget Owners can make to their respective Budgets, by selecting the 3-dot menu, and choosing from the following options:

Edit Owner

Once a Budget becomes active, and a User has used it to make a request, the Budget Owners can amend exactly who remains, or is removed, as an Owner. There must always be at least one User managing the Budget.

If a User sends a learning request to a an Owner, who is later removed before being able to approve it, then the remaining Budget Owner will be able to see this on the Requests page.

  • Lorraine is the primary Budget Owner of Jules' Budget

  • Lorraine then adds Gus as the second Budget Owner

  • Jules requests learning using this Budget > sends it to Gus

  • Lorraine however, removes Gus as a Budget Owner

  • Lorraine will still be able see Jules' request on the Requests page

The Users who are requesting learning, will receive a notification, each time a new Budget Owner is added.

Note✨: When deleting, deactivating or changing the Org User Role of a User - who is the only Budget Owner for one or multiple Budgets - you will be reminded and prevented from doing so. You must edit the relevant Budget Owner settings first.

Edit Amount

Increase or decrease the amount by editing the value, within the pop-up provided.

  • When decreasing the budget, if your Users have requested learning that's higher than the decreased amount, their budget will be set to £0, after you approve said request. For example...

    • Budget per User = £100

    • User A sends a request for £50

    • Budget Owner then decreases budget to £40

    • Budget Owner approves User A's request

    • User A's Budget = £0

  • You'll be reminded of this, within the pop-up step

  • After submission, all Users assigned to the Budget will receive a notification of the change.

Note✨: Do remember to share comms with your teams ahead of any budget changes, so they can re-decide on any requests they'd planned to submit.


This will remove the Budget and all requests associated with it.

View History

Review a log of changes made to your Budget: who, what and when.

  • Admins can view the history of all budgets. Budget Owners can view the history for their own budget(s).

  • Budgets with no active requests, can still be edited, and have a history log.

    The following will be shown on the History logs:

  • Budget creator

  • Budget Amount/Currency

  • Number of Budget Owners assigned

  • Number of Groups assigned

  • Updated number of Budget Owners assigned

  • Updated Budget name

  • Updated Budget amount

  • Updated numbers of Groups assigned the Budget

  • Budget increases/decreases

  • Updated number of budget Owners removed

Note: The full list of entries above, will only be shown for new Budget created after the release of this feature (18 May). For Budgets before this date, only Budget creator and creation date, will be recorded.

Exporting Budget Data

Export a full list of all your Budgets or use our Filters and Columns, to drill down into the data you want, like Currencies, Budget Balance, etc.

Approving and Rejecting requests

Head to the Requests sub-page, where you can Approve or Reject requests sent to you. You can also visit the Tasks page > Learning Requests tab, to see those requests that require your action.

You can also Export all your Requests or use our Filters and Columns to drill down into the data you want.

Note✨: If you try to Approve a Request, that you are not the Budget Owner for, you will receive this pop-up:

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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