Go to Dashboard > Budgets. At the top of the page, there are four tiles representing:

% Remaining Balance

The percentage of the remaining Budget balance.


The number of different currencies on your Learning Space.


The total number of Budgets on your Learning Space.

Budget Owners

The number of Budget Ownerson your Learning Space.

If you want to add a new Budget, check out our helpful article here!

Managing Budgets:

From your list of Budgets, you can either click on the three dots next to an individual Budget or select multiple Budgets and perform a Bulk Action to...

  • Delete

Export a full list of all your Budgets or use our Filters and Columns to drill down into the data you want, like Currencies, Budget Balance, etc. and Export your own custom report!

Head to the Requests sub-page, where you can Approve or Reject requests made to you (head to your Tasks > Learning Requests page to only see the ones that need you to action).

You can also Export all your Requests or use our Filters and Columns to drill down into the data you want.

Note:✨ If you try to Approve a Request, that you are not the Budget Owner for, you will receive this pop-up:

Take a look at our video tutorial for a visual walk-through:

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