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Reporting on Skills with HowNow+
Reporting on Skills with HowNow+

Enhanced Skills make for more efficient and confident team members. Use HowNow+ to seamlessly report on your User's Skills levels.

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HowNow+ gives your Users variety when it comes to learning something new. From professional role-based courses, to personal topics of interest, there's no shortage of chose to help Users upskill.

To set up your HowNow+ compliance content, and start reporting...

1. Go to the Apps page and select your desired category.

The category will show all the HowNow+ providers that specialise in that topic. In this example, Wellbeing.

Select Configure to head to your chosen provider's content listing page.

2. On the content listing page, search for your desired topic - in this example, Stress Management - and select the checkbox in the Name column.

Select the Import icon that appears automatically.

You can also filter by Skills. So, if you want to upskill your team in Stress Management, it will be via the Business Skills option.

3. Once imported, the content will appear in your Studio, where you will start editing it.

In Step One of the content's editor, the Skills field will be preset with the Skills automatically given by the provider.

This ensures that your assigned Users will be upskilled in the topic they're learning. They can then add the Skills to their Profile and give themselves a Skills Rating, to be endorsed by their Manager(s).

4. Once your content has been published, and completed by Users, there are three places to begin reporting on how HowNow+ Content is affecting Skills growth.

Via the Skills page

Visit the Skills page, and search for your chosen Skill, in this example, "Stress Management".

The Avg. Skills Rating column will give you an overview of the ratings average, held by Users. Although this does not exclusively reflect Skills gained by doing HowNow+ courses, it's a great way to report impact, especially if you try the following:

  • Add a new skill, e.g, "Stress Management - HN+"

  • Assign this Skill to the HowNow+ content

  • Share comms with your Users, reminding them to add the "Stress Management - HN+" Skill to their Profile, and request an endorsement.

  • Visit the Skills page, and search for "Stress Management - HN+". This approach will help you to see how the HowNow+ course has increased Users' confidence.

You can Export the table's data, for your external reporting needs.

Clicking on the Skill name will take you to the Skill's sub-page.

Via the Skills sub-page

As a Manager, you may be focused on upskilling a key member of your team, using the HowNow+ content you've assigned to them. The Skills sub-page is a great way to track their development, using the following column values:

  • Skill Rating - you can check progress, by frequently viewing the level held by your User, which will be validated by the level they hold (out of 5), and the number of ratings received.

    • A high number of ratings tells you that multiple experienced Managers, or subject-matter experts in your team, have verified your User's understanding of the topic.

  • Endorsed By - this is clickable, opening a slide-out screen of Users who've provided their own rating to the User's Skill level (by way of an Endorsement Request).

  • Last Updated On - this is best used in conjunction with the Skill Rating column. It will help you to track how often your User has been upskilled, say, in the past quarter.

    • You may wish to create comms encouraging Users to request Endorsements each time they complete HowNow+ content to upskill.

You will also find this same table data under the Skills tab via Users page > User sub-page.

Via the Skills tab on the Users sub-page

You will be able to see a full overview of all Skills obtained by a User, and their ratings.

If you choose to use HowNow+ content primarily for Skills development, this is a great page to see - using the Summary cards - how competent they are with the Skills they have (Level 3 or above).

A User with many Beginner Skills (below Level 3), would benefit from being assigned to more HowNow+ courses.

For all of the above approaches to reporting on Skills, you can export these, to share with your wider management team.

Bonus tip

Don't forget, on the Insights page, you can view the Popular Skills section, towards the bottom of the page.

You can use this for approaches such as Skills Campaigns, where you could assign HowNow+ content to Users, and based on Endorsements, see which of those Skills are appearing in this top 10 list.

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