Your Profile is your personal hub that connects you to your organisation's wider learning experience and it's really important to ensure it's set up.

How you set up your profile teaches us what kind of content is useful for you!

Select your profile photo in the corner and select My Profile

Channels - Subscribe to Channels by adding and removing them. These give us an idea of what topics you're interested in learning about.

Skills - Add your Skills and areas you'd like to improve upon by rating yourself using the Self Assessment and then hitting Request Endorsement from your manager.

Budget & Requests - Add to your learning experience, by requesting to spend your Learning Budget. Keep track of your requests here.

Progress - View the status of your Assessments and revisit your answers. Download your Certificates achieved, and see your Badges earned.

Integrations - Connect all your apps from this page. From Google Drive to Slack, from Sharepoint to OneDrive.

Settings - Change your Password, contact details, notification settings and Language Preferences.

We currently support the following languages (and will be updating as we go along):

  • Spanish

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • French

  • German

  • Dutch

  • Czech (Čeština)

  • Hungarian (Magyar)

  • Chinese

  • Indonesian

  • Thai

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Bulgarian

Note ✨: The following words aren't translated, as they're our glossary terms!

  • Course(s)

  • Channel(s)

  • Dates, Days, Months, Time and associated fields.

  • Event(s)

  • HowNow

  • Live Class(es)

  • Nugget(s)

  • Numerals and numeric fields anywhere on the platform

  • Product names when adding to the calendar


  • Skill(s)

  • Webinar / Webinars

See a short video guide here:

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