Add Files for your Users to view from within a Lesson or a Nugget. To add these quickly, start with the following steps:

On your Learning Space:

  1. Click the (+) sign at the top, and select Create Course or Nugget:

2. Select the File icon (paperclip):

3. Drag and drop the upload document from another window, or simply add it from your computer's files:

4. Click Save at the top, then Publish on the lesson edit page to set your PDF / PPT live!

Note: The maximum size for an upload PDF/PPT file is 200MB.

The official Microsoft online PPT viewer only works for files up to 10mb. When the file is more than this, your PPT will be shown as a downloadable file.

For version control of your uploaded documents, why not provide a link to the documentation in the form of an External Link.

Watch our video tutorial below:

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