In the rare occasion you find something inappropriate on the platform, please make sure to flag it to your Admins (if internal content, created by your team) or to your HowNow CSM (if external, third-party content).

On Web app

On the Nugget page or Course content player:

1. Select the flag icon to open the Report Content pop-up.

2. Choose which of the descriptions best reflects the nature of the content.

3. Give any Additional Comments, explaining why it's inappropriate, or perhaps how long it's been published.

4. Include your full name, as a digital signature - this helps identify who reported this (only your Admins and our HowNow team, will see this).

On the Mobile app

Flag inappropriate content by clicking the flag icon.

In the slide-out screen, follow the same steps as outlined for the web app, with the Additional Comments: 

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