Conversing with your Users directly, can save a lot of time and eliminate confusion, if ever there's information that needs to be clarified or questions asked. To get connected:

Via Web app

On your Learning Space:

  1. Select the speech-bubble icon near your Profile picture.

2. Select the New Message button. A pop-up will appear

3. Choose the name of the User to contact > Compose your message > click Send Message.

You can also attach files at a maximum size of 5MB. These include:

  • PDF

  • JPEG

  • JPG

  • PNG

4. Your message will be sent immediately.


  • When you send direct messages to a User, they will receive an email notification, once a day per conversation. This is to ensure that Users are not bombarded with multiple email updates, each time a message is sent!

  • Slack and MS Teams notifications will be sent to the recipient instantly.

Via the Mobile app

  1. Click on the envelop icon at the bottom of your screen

2. Search the name of the person you'll like to send a message

3. Type your message in the box and start chatting 

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