Conversing with your Users directly, can save a lot of time and eliminate confusion, if ever there's information that needs to be clarified or questions asked. To get connected:

Via Web app

On your Learning Space:

  1. Select the letter icon near your Profile picture.

2. Select the New Message button. A pop-up will appear

3. Choose the name of the User to contact > Compose your message > click Send Message. You can attach files if need be.

4. Your message will be sent immediately.

Note: When you send direct messages to a User, they will receive an email notification, once a day per conversation. This is to ensure that Users are not bombarded with multiple email updates, each time a message is sent!

Our tutorial gives an overview of the above steps:

Via the Mobile app

  1. Click on the envelop icon at the bottom of your screen

2. Search the name of the person you'll like to send a message

3. Type your message in the box and start chattingĀ 

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